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  • Metal L bracket is seted Flagship Products in metal segment market in WENAP which is classified with material, surface treatment, specification without tooling fee.The angle bracket is suitable for 0.2 inch diameter screw hole, 90 degree angle, L type. An important mounting parts is used to connect the angle of door and window, make the door more firm. The bolts are not included here.

  • WENAP, located in Cixi city of Ningbo, China, is a professional supplier with rivets, locks and magnet products. We provide the product and service to the customers worldwide and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets. We are quite welcome customized orders which involve different standard blind rivets, structural blind rivets, peel-type blind rivets, multi-grip blind rivets ,rivet nuts ,semi-tubular rivets, drawer locks, cabinet locks, panel locks, cam locks, sliding glass door locks, Nd-Fe-B magnet products and other hardware , and also are able to help you to develop new products based on your given requirements at competitive quotes and good service .

  • We have owner factory, can offer you all the color you want of wall plug, plastic anchors, plastic wall plugs, plastic expansion pipe. Excellent quality and load,widely used, install,improve efficiency and accuracy,low cost of installing quality products and good toughness, and impact resistance,not strong hardness, not rust,corrosion resistance, ageing resitance.

  • We are a manufacturer and trading company of fasteners for many years in Ningbo and got rich experience, any kinds of standard or non-standard will be customized according to your drawing. We will offer the competitive price and high quality for our clients.

  • We are the trade company with our own factory in China and has more than 5 years of experience in designing and producing stamping parts, anchors, fasteners, couplers, screws etc.Providing customized services, OEM is available if customers provide drawings and samples. Our major markets are Europe, the Americas, and products can deliver on time.

  • Our company produces and exports a wide range of self drilling screws, self tapping screws. Pan head tapping and drilling screws, counter sunk head, flat head, hex head, hex washer head, hex Socket head, pan framing head, buggle head, modified truss head and more tapping screws for wood Or metal works. Materials used for manufacturing tapping screws are usually C1022 low carbon steel, Stainless Steel AISI304, AISI302, AISI201, AISI410 and for more options please contact us directly.

Cixi Wenap International Trading Co.,Ltd. is a new supplier online, but we have over 5 years expert experience. Our company specializes in the development, production and sales of various Building Construction Fasteners.