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Threaded rod


1.Threaded rod applications:

There are numerous and varied uses for threaded rod, and primarily, it is used in commercial construction, where threaded rods are cut to required lengths and used to suspend electrical conduit, pipes for plumbing, HVAC ductwork, and sprinkler pipes for fire protection. Threaded rod also is used for structural tie-downs in earthquake and hurricane restraint systems for roofing, as headless screws in general fastener applications, and for bolting together pipe joints in the waterworks industry. Additional uses of threaded rod include hanging suspended ceilings and elevated conveyor belts, joint restraint systems for underground piping, and basic industrial repair. Petitioner reported that very little threaded rod is used in residential construction. Threaded rod is manufactured in various diameters and in various lengths and can have one of several different finishes applied. However, all threaded rod is used for the non-critical bolting applications described above, for which high strength, heat resistance, or special corrosion resistance is not required.

2.Threaded rod instructions: