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Application of hardware tools-socket wrench

The sleeve is a cylindrical tool used for disassembling nuts or bolts, and its inner surface is hexagonal in cross section. The specifications of the sleeve are divided into English and metric. Inch specifications of the sleeve are incremented in order of 1:16 inches and 1:32 inches; metric specifications of the sleeve are incremented in 1 cm increments. For car owners, when disassembling car tires or spark plugs, you need to use the sleeve.
When using a sleeve, you must not choose a sleeve that completely fits the nut or bolt. If you use a sleeve that is larger than the nut or bolt, the sleeve can easily round the head of the nut or bolt during rotation. . When removing the tight wheel bolts, if a suitable extension rod is sleeved on the sleeve handle, the rotation torque can be increased, and it is easier to loosen the wheel bolts. It should be noted that if the sleeve handle extension rod is used when tightening the wheel bolts, it is important not to use excessive force to prevent the rotation torque from exceeding the bearing range of the nut or bolt, otherwise the nut or bolt may be easily damaged.