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What is the Rubber Jacket Steel Tape Measure maintenance method?


(1) The engraved surface of the tape is usually plated with nickel, chrome or other plating and should be kept clean. When measuring, try not to rub it against the surface to be tested to prevent scratches.


(2) Do not use too much force when pulling the ruler belt, and use it to return to the tape. Use a self-rolling tape measure, pull it flat when pulling it out, and send it back with your hand when you roll it up. Avoid slamming the roll and twisting or breaking the tape. To use the brake tape measure, first press the brake button, then pull out the tape, and press the button to automatically roll in the tape. The tape can only be folded without folding.


(3) After use, the oily sewage on the ruler is collapsed to prevent corrosion.


When the operator uses a steel tape measure to measure, the pulling force should not be too large, and the pulling force should be consistent with the pulling force of the inspection, which can reduce the error. The above is the use and maintenance method of the steel tape measure introduced by Wenaptrade Net. The operator can use it as a reference when carrying out the work. The steel tape measure can be cleaned and maintained regularly, which can improve the service life and work quality.